Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Socks

EcoSox Diabetic Sock 5 Star Rating and Review

EcoSox diabetic socks are developed not only for people suffering from diabetes or a diabetic condition but for people who just prefer the relaxed fit of our non-binding stay-up tops. EcoSox socks are gender-neutral, so whether you are looking for diabetic socks for men or diabetic socks for women, EcoSox has your feet covered!

Individuals with diabetes often need to be more particular about their socks and proper foot care due to the elevated risks of foot complications associated with the disease. Neuropathy, Edema, foot ulcers, calluses, dry skin, and poor circulation are all complications associated with diabetes. These risks create discomfort and can ultimately lead to the need for foot amputation if foot care is ignored. EcoSox constructs socks for diabetes to provide a comfortable solution and will keep feet dry, clean, and healthy by using yarns derived from cellulose that wicks moisture away from the foot and to the sock where moisture can be evaporated away. Other than the sizing, there are no differences between men's diabetic socks and women's diabetic socks. Other features include a cushioned footbed and an integrated smooth toe seam.

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