Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Socks for Men and Diabetic Socks for Women

EcoSox bamboo diabetic socks for men and diabetic socks for women are developed for people with diabetes or who have a diabetic condition, but the specially designed relaxed fit of the non-binding, stay-up tops of our bamboo diabetic socks can be enjoyed by anyone. 

Socks for Diabetes

Individuals with diabetes oftentimes need to be more particular about what type of socks they choose to wear due to the elevated risks of foot complications associated with the disease. Neuropathy, Edema, foot ulcers, calluses, dry skin, and poor circulation are all complications related to diabetes. 

EcoSox constructs these bamboo socks for diabetes to provide the ultimate comfortable solution. These diabetic socks are designed to keep feet dry, clean, and healthy by using yarns derived from bamboo cellulose that wicks moisture away from the foot up through the sock material, where moisture can quickly evaporate away. Other beneficial features include a cushioned footbed and an integrated smooth toe seam for added comfort. Making these bamboo diabetic socks – really comfortable socks. 

There are no differences between our diabetic socks for men and diabetic socks for women other than the sizing. Please refer to our sizing chart to ensure you select the correct size of diabetic socks.

Diabetic Socks

Here at EcoSox, one of our goals is to continue to be eco-friendly. Using viscose from bamboo to create these bamboo socks for diabetics, we leverage one of the most ecologically friendly grasses on our planet, making it an attractive alternative to cotton and petroleum-based fibers. In addition, any of our bamboo diabetic socks that have the "This Product Plants One Tree" stamp, you'll be planting a tree when purchasing. 

If you need more information, please visit our FAQs on EcoSox diabetic socks. To learn more about foot complications with diabetes, visit the American Diabetes Association.