EcoSox American Crew Bamboo Socks

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Our full length crew socks provide support and comfort throughout the day.  The fibers breathe to keep your feet dry, clean, and blister free.  Whether you wear sneakers, work boots, or dress shoes, these every day socks will do the job and keep your feet fresh at the end of your day.


 Sock Material Content:  73% Bamboo Viscose / 19% Polyester / 4% Nylon / 3% Rubber / 1% Spandex

EcoSox bamboo crew socks for men and women are crafted from Bamboo Viscose fibers - dry, odorless, and blister free.

  • Integrated Smooth Toe Seam for Comfort
  • Arch Support For Proper Fit & to Fight Fatigue
  • Knitted Reinforced Heel & Toe for Ergonomic Fit
  • EcoSox footbed constuction provides inner rows of cushioning to protect against impact and creates channels for improved airflow for enhanced moisture removal
  • Lifetime Blister Free Guarantee

Why Bamboo Socks?

  • Bamboo Viscose yarn construction provides comfort in a wide range of conditions.
  • Desert Dry -  Naturally absorbs 4 times more moisture as cotton to keep your feet dry and free of foot odor
  • Silk Soft - Ultra soft bamboo fibers resists blisters and provide smooth comfort against skin
  • Fibers breathe to regulate temperature.
  • Performance attributes without chemical additives or fabric conditioners.
  • Bamboo is one of the most ecologically friendly grasses on our planet that grows back after it is cut making it an attractive aternative to cotton and pentroleum based fibers 

Socks that offer a blister-free guarantee


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43 Reviews

Joseph Feb 16th 2020

Better Sock

I have been purchasing these Sox for years (they cost less than $4 per pair when I first bought them). They are pretty much the only socks I wear. They’re comfortable, eliminate odor, and are made in the USA. My only 2 gripes: the heel seems to wear out quickly and it would be nice to have the price per unit reduced when purchasing multiple pairs (but I understand paying for quality). Overall, these are the best socks out there. Whether working out, hiking, running or simply daily use, EcoSox outperform all others I’ve tried.

Karl Dec 20th 2019


I keep reordering these because they are my favorite!

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