Sock Talk - What Does A Y Heel Stitch Do?

A “Y Heel” refers to a stitch in the heel that forms a Y. Not all socks have a Y stitch in the heel and not all socks need them. The Y stitch forms a cup around your heel which fits better and helps keep the material from pulling down and bunching around the heel inside your shoe. The Y stitch is more important in No Show socks that sit at or below the ankle and deliver more of a benefit because there is no material above the ankle to keep the sock from pulling down. A quarter sock or crew sock doesn’t benefit as much as there is enough material and ribbing above the ankle to keep the sock from moving down. If you like socks that sit below the ankle, be sure to look for the Y stitch in the heel. All Ecosox no-shows have a Y stitched heel for that better fit!