Health & Wellness Socks

Health & Wellness  Socks

EcoSox Health & Wellness - Edema & Neuropathy Socks, diabetic and compression socks are great for people looking for relief from swelling, leg fatigue, circulation problems, Edema, or Neuropathy.

EcoSox are made with bamboo viscose which provides key performance benefits that make it easier to deal with diabetic, edema & neuropathy conditions.  Our satisfaction blister free guarantee can be made because the viscose fibers have so little friction against the skin compared to cotton and other fibers.  It is as soft as silk against the skin.  Viscose fibers also pull moisture away naturally which keep your feet dry and odor free.  The performance property of the yarn is so good, we do not add conditioners or chemicals used by other companies to give their socks either anti-microbial properties or to create a soft feel.