EcoSox Diabetic Bamboo OTC (Over The Calf) Socks

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Diabetic OTC (Over The Calf) are the tallest diabetic socks we offer and a perfect foot health solution for those suffering from diabetes, edema (swelling), or neuropathy (nerve pain) as well as for people who prefer a non-binding top.  EcoSox non-binding tops are designed with a relaxed fit so not to bind or inhibit blood flow but to have just the right amount of tension to keep them on your leg.


Sock Material Content:

73%+ Bamboo Viscose / Polyester / Nylon /  Spandex / Rubber

EcoSox OTC (Over The Calf) Socks - High Performance Bamboo Viscose Fibers

  • Designed to sit comfortably over the calf
  • Dry - Enhanced Moisture Control & Thermo-Regulation
  • Odorless - Inhibits Foot Odor
  • Blister Free - Inhibits Foot Friction/Blisters
  • Integrated Smooth Toe Seam Reduces Friction
  • Arch Support For Proper Fit & To Fight Fatigue
  • Knitted Reinforced Heel & Toe for Ergonomic Fit
  • EcoSox FootBed Pillowed Cushioning for Comfort & Air Flow

Why Bamboo Socks?

  • Bamboo Viscose Fibers have a silk-like soft and buttery feel which is ultra-soft against skin.
  • Absorbs 3-4 times more moisture than cotton to keep your feet dry. 
  • Bamboo is one of the most ecologically friendly grasses on our planet.  

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7 Reviews

Mary Kachelek Dec 6th 2019

OTC Sox for diabetics

Love these socks! I have worn out several pairs that have now been replaced with new pairs. These are the only socks I wear. Thank you for your quality product!

James Jun 13th 2019

Bamboo diabetic socks

This is my third order of the Bamboo diabetic socks, I couldn't be more satisfied. I have been wearing them for over two years now. Thank you for a product that is comfortable and effective.

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