NEW Breast Cancer Awareness Styles
Now Available!

New pink ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness bamboo Ecosox are now available! For every pair purchased, $1 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. Help us reach our goal of $5,000, and rock some awesome limited edition pink ribbon Ecosox.

What are Ecosox Bamboo Socks?

Ecosox bamboo socks are socks woven from bamboo viscose fibers, providing Ecosox with all of the amazing benefits of woven bamboo fibers. Ecosox bamboo socks are ultra-soft, moisture wicking, and do not harbor odor. Designed for maximum performance, Ecosox bamboo sport socks have extra padding on the lower half of the sock for comfort and added durability. They not only look and feel good, but are also great for the environment!

With well over 100 different colors and styles of Ecosox in production, everyone can find their perfect pair. We currently offer diabetic socks, compression socks, active sport sockshiking socks, and athletic tubes, all of which are made from bamboo. Check out all the different colors and styles in our Ecosox Store

The benefits of Ecosox bamboo socks are extraordinary!

  • Moisture Control - Keeps Feet Dry
  • Odor Control - Helps Fight Foot Odor
  • Helps Prevent Blisters
  • Arch Support - Helps Fight Fatigue and Keeps Socks from Slipping
  • Green - Made of Bamboo, Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Socks
  • Thermo-Regulating - Keeps You Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer
  • Cushioning in Key Areas - Provides Maximum Comfort

Proudly Made in the USA!

Over 90% of our products are made in the USA. This includes all Active Sport Socks, Nurse Socks, Diabetic Socks, and Compression Socks. Click on any product in the Ecosox Store to see where it is made. If not listed, feel free to ask before purchasing. All inquiries will receive a timely response. 

Ecosox Bamboo Socks American Made

Bamboo Facts:

ECO-FRIENDLY - Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.

SUSTAINABLE - Moso bamboo is one of the world's fastest growing plants.

ABSORBENT - Absorbs up to 60% more water than cotton.

RENEWABLE - Bamboo is a grass, so once cut it can regenerate quickly without need for replanting.

NATURALLY SOFT - Bamboo is softer than the softest cotton.

UV PROTECTION -  Bamboo naturally provides added protection against the sun's harmful UV rays.

For more information about bamboo and its many magnificent benefits, read our informative page Why Bamboo and/or visit our F.A.Q. page by clicking here!